Buying A Franchise

Buying A Franchise

If you buy a franchise business, you are actually going into a partnership agreement with someone you most likely only met.

Partnerships are all about TRUST.

Just because a brand might have some 1,500 units, doesn’t exactly mean this is a good, safe or secure investment for you. It proves relatively nothing. Your decision is not based upon investing into the 1,501 unit, or bricks and mortar, but rather investing into the BRAINTRUST of your new partner.

This is where MICHAEL comes in – his job is to level the playing field and take the so-called franchise agreement which is typically one-sided in favor of your partner and make it equal giving you the opportunity to make money in your new venture as well. You can sign all the documents you wish, but if the HANDSHAKE behind them is not credible or worthy, it means nothing. Investing in a new business is all about TRUST.

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